WINTEX Salt Remover

WINTEX Salt Remover

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WINTEX Salt Remover


WINTEX is a cleaner formulated to remove salt and de-icing chemicals from floors and carpets.  This product is typically used in areas where salt build up occurs during the winter season, such as in the entranceway of buildings or on vehicle carpets.


  • An excellent cleaner and salt remover for use on floors and carpets
  • Rapidly removes salt helping to preserve and protect floors and carpets from salt damage
  • Will not damage synthetic floor finishes
  • Removes easily salt deposits from vehicle carpets
  • Concentrated product that dilutes 1:40 with water for regular use or 1:25 for heavy duty use.
  • Biodegradable with low environmental toxicity. Phosphate free.

Directions for Use

Dilute with water, and apply to the surface to be cleaned with a mop, scrubber, sponge or as a spray. Allow to dwell for 3 - 5 minutes and then pick up from surface using a mop, floor scrubber or carpet cleaning machine. 

This product is for professional use only. Before using this product read the product label and Safety Data Sheet.

Physical Properties

 Appearance : Clear blue liquid

Viscosity : Water like

Density : 1.0

pH : 11.5

Odor : Essentially odorless

VOC free