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NEUTRALIZER is a solution of Acetic Acid and wetting agent for use in the final rise of a floor surface after the floor has been stripped.


  • Acetic acid neutralizes any remaining traces of alkali stripper
  • Surplus acetic acid evaporates during drying, leaving a truly neutral floor surface that is required for the proper adhesion of sealer or finish
  • For the final rinsing of floors that have been stripped 
  • Promotes superior bonding of new sealer or finish 
  • Dilutes 1:40 for use

Direction for Use 

NEUTRALIZER is to be used as a final rinse on stripped floors. Dilute with 40 parts water and use product with a mop to rinse floor. Minimal liquid should be left on the floor, allow to dry and floor is ready for application of sealer or finish.

This product is for professional use only. Before using this product read the product label and Safety Data Sheet (SDS

Physical Properties

Appearance: Clear colorless liquid 

Viscosity: Water like

Density: 1.02

pH: <2.0

Odor: Strong Vinegar odor