POWER WASH Transportation Cleaner

POWER WASH Transportation Cleaner

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POWER WASH Transportation Cleaner


POWER WASH Transportation Cleaner is a powerful free rinsing soap concentrate for the cleaning of vehicles such as cars, trucks and buses.  This product is best applied using a pressure washer. POWER WASH can also be used for the pressure washing of vinyl siding on buildings. Biodegradable.


  • Removes traffic film, exhaust deposits, grease and dirt
  • Contains a blend of silicates, phosphates and surfactants
  • Excellent for use vehicles of all types and for vinyl siding
  • Rinses clean leaving a streak free surface
  • Biodegradable formula

Directions for Use

Using a pressure washer, apply to the surface to be cleaned from the bottom up. Keep the spray nozzle 12 – 24 inches from the surface. Allow the suds to sit on the surface for 1 – 3 minutes (DO NOT ALLOW TO DRY OUT) and then wash off with water from the top down. Brush surface clean and repeat if necessary.

Dilute 1:80 with water for light duty cleaning, 1:40 for general purpose cleaning and 1:10 for heavy duty cleaning.

This product is for professional use only. Before using this product read the product label and Safety Data Sheet.

Physical Properties

Appearance : Clear colorless liquid

Viscosity : water like

Density : 1.02

pH : 12.5