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FLOOR FINISH 820 is a premium grade cross-linked acrylic floor finish that is suitable for use on resilient floor tiles and sheet flooring including tiles made of vinyl, vinyl composites, rubber, linoleum and terrazzo.


  • Protects and enhances floor
  • Initial gloss develops after 2 -3 coats
  • Long lasting – resistant to wear
  • Provides UL rated slip resistance
  • Provides good resistance to washing by neutral detergents.
  • Gloss can be restored by buffing or burnishing.

Directions for Use

  • For routine application, prepare floor by top scrubbing and rinsing thoroughly to remove all traces of cleaner
  • For floors that are in badly worn, prepare floor by stripping off old finish and then rinse thoroughly to remove all traces of stripper. The use of a NEUTRALIZER is recommended for the final rinse to ensure the floor is correctly prepared for the application of finish.
  • Reseal fully stripped floors with 2 – 3 coats of Bebbington FLOOR SEALER.
  • Using a clean lint free mop or applicator, apply 3 – 5 thin coats of FLOOR FINISH 840 ensuring that each coat is fully dry before applying the next coat. Drying usually takes 30 – 45 minutes. Avoid puddling.
  • Allow floor to cure for 24 hours before buffing, 72 hours before burnishing.
  • Coverage will approximate 1000 – 2000 square foot of floor per 4 L finish, depending on the floor surface and technique

This product is for professional use only. Before using this product read the product label and Safety Data Sheet.

Physical Properties

Appearance: Opaque white liquid