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Boat & Bilge Cleaner


Bebbington Bilge Cleaner is a heavy duty cleaner for the cleaning of boat bilges, decks, equipment and fish storage areas.


  • Concentrated – dilutes up to 1:100 with water
  • Can be used with fresh or sea water
  • Releases sludge from bilge surface
  • Multipurpose cleaner for the cleaning of bilges, decks and equipment
  • Eliminates bilge odors
  • CFIA have issued a letter of “NO OBJECTION” for use on food contact surfaces
  • Biodegradable

Directions for Use

For the cleaning of boat bilges, apply as a spray or use the “rock and roll” method. For spray cleaning, dilute 1:10 with water, spray onto surface. Allow to dwell briefly and then scrub or wipe clean.

Alternatively fill bilge with water and then add 1 liter Bilge Cleaner per 100 liters water and allow boat to roll for several hours before pumping out the bilge.

For general purpose boat cleaning dilute 1:40 with water prior to use. Apply with a mop, sponge or as a spray and scrub, wipe or mop the surface until clean. Food contact surfaces must be rinsed with potable water after cleaning.

This product is for professional use only. Before using this product read the product label and Safety Data Sheet.

Physical Properties

Appearance : Clear colorless or blue liquid

Viscosity : Water like

Density : 1.02

pH : >13.0

Odor : Essentially odorless