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Rust Remover-Metal Conditioner- Descaler


RUST REMOVER is a phosphoric acid-based solution for the removal of rust, tarnish and scale from metal surfaces. This product is primarily designed for the removal or rust from small surfaces or objects.


  • Removes rust from metal surfaces
  • Viscous formula allows the product to cling to vertical and sloping surfaces thus providing improved contact and avoiding or reducing disassembly of items to be treated
  • Can be used on cast iron, stainless steel, chrome and aluminum

Directions for Use

Remove loose rust and dirt from surface with a wire brush or grinder and apply RUST REMOVER liberally to the area to be treated, Allow to dwell for 5 – 30 minutes and then brush surface with a wire brush or aggressive pad. Rinse surface with water and allow to dry. Repeat if necessary.

Alternatively small items can be dipped directly into RUST REMOVER for 5 – 10 minutes and then brushed and washed clean. NOTE that excessive dipping time may damage the item being treated.

Iron and steel surfaces that have been treated are best protected by priming or painting within 24 hours of treatment, 

Physical Properties

Appearance: Thick red liquid

Density: 1.3