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Rust Remover-Metal Conditioner- Descaler


Steel Cleaner 426 is a phosphoric acid based solution for the removal of rust, tarnish and scale from metal surfaces.


  • Removes surface rust
  • Cleans and passivate ferrous metal surfaces by forming a protective coating on the surface that inhibits further corrosion and provides a surface to which paint can adhere
  • Removes marine growth and scale from heat exchangers, engines and other marine equipment
  • Removes oxides from aluminum surfaces, thus preparing them for painting
  • Removes mill scale from steel
  • Safe to use on brass, copper, steel, aluminum and chrome
  • OCNS Hazard Rating E (acceptable)
  • CFIA approved formula for use in Federally Registered Food Establishments.

Directions for Use

To remove rust from metal surfaces, dilute with up to 10 volumes of water, depending on severity of rust, and apply to surface with a brush or as a spray. Allow to dwell  for 5-15 minutes and then brush clean. Wash surface with water and dry - repeat if necessary.  For dip tank applications, dilute with up to 20 parts water and allow metal to remain in solution for up to 1 hour. Scrub if necessary, rinse clean and dry. For items to be painted, optimal paint adhesion is obtained if paint is applied immediately. To remove scale and marine growth from heat exchangers and engines, dilute RS 426 with 5 parts water and circulate through the system for up to 4 hours. Thoroughly wash out system with water after treatment.

This product is for professional use only. Before using this product read the product label and Safety Data Sheet.

Physical Properties

Appearance: Clear red liquid

Viscosity: water-like

Density: 1.22

pH: < 1.0 acidic