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Biological Waste Digester

Bactigest 2000 is a blend of carefully selected aerobic, anaerobic and facultative bacterial spores that are found in nature. They are harmless to animals and marine life and are non-pathogenic. These spores germinate into bacteria which digest and degrade organic wastes such as fat, protein.


  • Contains over 50 billion naturally occurring bacterial CFU’s per liter
  • Septic safe and will enhance the activity of septic systems
  • Will digest organic matter removing the source of odors
  • Use for the maintenance of drains, grease traps and for odor control
  • CAUTION – very hot water, alkali or acid based cleaners, chlorinated products and disinfectants can damage the bacteria in Bactigest, making the product less effective. Do not use these agents in the same system.

Directions for Use


Pour Bactigest 2000 directly into drain lines beginning in the lowest floor of the building and working up, one floor per day until the entire system has been treated. Then treat from the top floor only. The amount if Bactigest added depends on drain size:

2 inch     120 ml twice per week

4 inch   240 ml twice per week

6 inch  360 ml twice per week

8 inch  480 ml twice per week


For best results, the grease trap should be cleaned immediately prior to treatment.  The optimum system is to add the Bactigest using an automatic pump on a timer, twice per day. Bactigest should be added after the facility closes to give maximum contact time for the bacteria to work and again before the facility opens. The amount added depends on the size of the trap.

To calculate the trap volume in cubic feet, use the following formula, with all dimensions being in inches: Length x height x width / 1728

The amount of Bactigest added should be 1 ounce (32 ml) per cubic foot of grease trap, twice per day.

This product is for professional use only. Before using this product read the product label and Safety Data Sheet.

Physical Properties

Appearance: milky white liquid

Viscosity: water like

Density: 1.05

pH: neutral