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Bebbington Laundry Booster works to improve the power of the wash cycle by softening the water and providing alkalinity to the wash water.


  • Boosts the power of laundry detergents to provide for an improved wash result
  • Primarily designed for use in commercial washing machines
  • Can be used in home style washing machine

Directions for Use

For home style washing machines, add 50 ml per regular load and up to 75 ml for large or very dirty loads. DO NOT add direct to items being washed in machine.

For commercial washing machines, use in conjunction with automatic dispensing equipment. The input should be set up by a trained technician in accordance with the size of the washing machine and its load type and amount per wash cycle.

This product is for professional use only. Before using this product read the product label and Safety Data Sheet.

Physical Properties

Appearance: Clear colorless liquid

pH: > 13.0